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Stasey Tackett

Skills Include:

  • Copywriting
  • Technical Writing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Landing Pages
  • SEO
  • Scripts
  • Video Voiceover

About Stasey Tackett

My vision captures what meeting notes and emails leave behind. Having served as an editorial director for a world-wide ad agency for six years, followed by another ten years as a managing technical writer, I am adaptable to virtually any project, as long as I have a keyboard at my fingertips, or a Black n' Red notebook in hand.

5-star writer at, with over 100 publications, I delighted clients with radio scripts, landing pages, and SEO articles within a variety of industries -- including health, law, technology, automotive, gaming, hospitality, and online shopping. This didn't make me rich, but it certainly helped me learn about the business of writing for clients across a broad spectrum. 

I would say that I love long walks on the beach but everybody says that. I enjoy music, including writing my own lyrics, and studying the lives and habits of my favorite songwriters, poets, and storytellers

Living in the Carolinas provides me with a scenic and seasonal life. Blessed beyond bounds, I do not complain, especially now that so many have crossed over before their time; miracles are being served up daily -- and the breath of life is more sacred now than ever.